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Navigating high functioning journeys

For the safety and continued health of all of our families meetings will be suspended until further notice. Please feel free to email any concerns or questions during this time. We are still here to help 

- The Hazel Center

Welcome to High Functioning Autism Support! Every child needs to have a sense of belonging, a "feel free to be me" environment. What makes our group unique is that not only do we have a group for our children to find belonging, make friends, and have a structured activity but we also provide simultaneous parent and sibling support, as well as a place for siblings that are 4 and under to play. We believe that everyone in the family needs support. An autism diagnosis can be tough for every family member! We have a great team and look forward to getting to know your family!

Founder - Lorri Navarro & Co-Founder Heather Niles 

​We many years ago and quickly realized we had something in common. We both have a son that has been diagnosed with autism and the boys are exactly the same age (only a few weeks apart to be exact). The boys became quick friends as did we. Over the years we have discussed the difficulties,heartaches and joys of parenting a child with autism and different struggles and victories the boys have had. We both saw a need to help the boys make friends and have fun with other kids but struggled to find a place to do so and decided that maybe the best option would be to start a group that would fit the needs of the boys and other families like ours. We decided that we would have a group that included everyone in that family because we both love our families and hated the idea of another group that only helped part of the family. We truly hope that you enjoy the fun, laughter and friendships at The Hazel Center. We look forward to seeing you soon!   

“Thank you for creating a supportive and nurturing environment for the whole family affected by high functioning autism. Our preteen son enjoyed meeting peers with similar challenges and apparently picked up some good minecraft tips.”

Jennifer H.


“We felt like we were drowning and all alone until we met people that understood and laughed with us. Very informational and friendly. Thanks so much!!!”

Autumn N.


“Thank you for all the great conversations and all the fun the kids really enjoy each meeting”

Dehidry G.


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